Affiliate Marketing programs have been around ever since the early days of e-commerce, and are measured one of the initial types of pay-for-performance systems. It is an Internet-based marketing activity in which an association rewards one or more affiliate for all visitors or customers brought in by the affiliate’s marketing efforts and hard work. Using our growing and promising network of advertisers and publishers, businesses can have an extended pay-for-performance allotment series, which can really tie together the influence of selling on the web.

Affiliate Marketing services and online marketing solutions for merchants wishing to promote their products/ services online. Our specialized Marketing strategies make sure that your business gets all the visibility at the correct platforms; whereby amounting to improved lead production and ROI development. With our competent approach, you will have an extensive extended chain of affiliates, which will enlarge your brand existence on the digital platform in a manner that you get utmost attention from clients and a trustworthy customer base with a better inflow of income.

As we are aware of the significance of precision affiliate program execution and administration, we have put together a committed team of Indian advertising experts.

They are well prepared technically to make sure that your affiliate plan performs remarkably well on all the significant parameters. Wismad, with utmost dedication strives to bring out the best for you in each service that we provide to our clients. The following services help us excel in providing you better Affiliate marketing:

  • Defining an appropriate Marketing policy and agenda
  • Setting out Affiliate online marketing solutions and software
  • Identifying and subscribing to prospective publisher marketing networks
  • Tracking Performance of network together with regular reporting
  • Recruitment of latest affiliates using custom-made emails
  • Affiliate Fraud avoidance and keeping an eye on services of networks.