10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 You Should Know

10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 You Should Know

Digital trends change and evolve every year. Thus, the marketers must be well-versed with all the advancements taking place in this world. This will assist them in gaining a top edge and generating more and improved leads. The relation with the existing customers also improves and strengthens.

Following are the top digital marketing trends of 2019-

Voice Search - Voice Search is gaining immense popularity. It is estimated that by 2020, more than 50% of all the queries will be made through voice search only.

Therefore, we can say that voice search is definitely one of the digital marketing trends to watch in 2019.

Smarter Chat - Chat boxes have gained massive appreciation over the past few years. It is observed that people visitors prefer those sites more which have customer care chatbox than the ones which don’t. They allow better engagement and proactive interaction.

Micro-Moments - It is important for marketers to leverage micro-moments since more and more users are performing online activities on their smartphones. The micro-moments help creates proper advertising and targeting content for audiences with immediate needs.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing - The top digital marketing companies use augmented reality ads to make the unreal environment more realistic. VR offers a real feel to the users. It allows the customers to visualize the items before they buy them.

Live Videos and Stories - Thanks to Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, live content is the quickest growing section of internet traffic. The recent years have seen a remarkable growth of this segment.

Live streaming is extremely effective as it is free and can be done with least efforts.

AI and Machine Learning - The trend of AI and Machine Learning isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Leading companies like Google and Amazon use these trends to anticipate customer patterns by collecting data. This helps the marketers to engage with the active and potential buyers in a better way using various channels like sales outreach, direct mail, and digital advertising.

Engagement-based Email Marketing - Email marketing is becoming smarter and more enhanced. To convert a potential buyer into a long-term, loyal customer, it is important to engage them with regular content, offers, and updates.

But it is also important to send the right emails to the right client segment. This way, marketers are able to target the right audience and make more and better business.

Rich Lead Profiling - Data enrichment is greatly important for marketers. It is used to get more details about the leads and then make personalized approaches when the company contacts them.

It is also used to remove any inaccurate or wrong information about the leads such as their phone numbers, address, email, etc.

Browser Push Notifications - Push notifications are definitely one of the most famous marketing trends for 2019.  They help communicate with the audience in a more effective and powerful manner.

Push notifications also help in enhancing the conversion rates of potential clients in confirming buyers. Many customers add products in their shopping carts and then abandon them. Push notifications lure them into completing their purchases.

Content Personalization - One of the most appreciated digital marketing trends in 2019 is content creation. If you want to boost engagement rates, create personalized contents for your audience. Include dynamic landing pages according to the customer’s demands. Add their names when you make content for them. Confirm their location when they visit your page to deliver correct, geo-targeted products and services.

If you use all these marketing trends, your business will boom exponentially and you will benefit from it greatly. 


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