5 Important Trends in Website Development to Look Forward in 2021

5 Important Trends in Website Development to Look Forward in 2021

New trends and innovations form the world in which web developers find themselves every year. One year is marked by static websites, another by mobile responsiveness, and another still by chatbots. Keeping up with all of those changes is enough to discourage most companies. But that’s why you’re here. Because you refuse to be discouraged and you know the importance of preparing for the future. Since over half of business owners are planning to improve their website, it’s not unlikely that that’s the case with your own business.

To keep up, you need to know the website development strategy and technologies that will shape 2021:

  • Responsive Design and the Rise of Mobile Users: Instead of a good-to-have, adaptive development becomes a must-have. In 2016, mobile devices were served 35% of website traffic. Then that figure was 43 percent in 2018. Currently, in 2021, in lieu of a computer or tablet, 60.3 percent of website traffic occurred on mobile. That's an increase in mobile traffic by 17% just from 2016 to 2021.
  • Modular Design and Lower Development Costs: Modular design allows designers to reuse elements and frameworks to build a web page instead of using a cumbersome template to construct a web page. The modular design is physically a step up from the models. It is a powerful way for developers to create content blocks to display information. But, it's like a tower with a Lego set to make a modular project web page. 
  • Voice Search Optimization: From 2008 to 2016, a 35-fold doubling in voice search queries. So now, 19% of users are using Siri at least once a day, so 55% of teenagers and 40% of adults are using voice search on a daily basis. In 2020, 50% of search queries will be done in voice rather than text. That's the point? Voice search is a phenomenon that splits everywhere in search engines. So technologies such as Siri on iOS, Cortana on Android, Google's Google Assistant, so Alexa and Amazon's Echo not only improve how popular voice search is but also make consumers more familiar with the function. Two out of five people actually say the voice-activated apps are important for their lives.
  • Dynamic content: This is where the content of a website differs according to the time of day, who is looking at it, their location, and their behavior on previous visits. Social media sites make good use of this technology already. Each user sees different content on the Home Page of Facebook, Twitter, etc. The Recommender Engines used on Netflix, Amazon, travel sites and dating sites et al, use dynamic content to predict that if we liked X, we might like Y, Z, and maybe A, B, and C. How about a special-offer bundle? We already put pixels on our websites to enable retargeting – our site visitors are followed around the internet and reminded of our goods and services. Recommender Engines are available as plug-ins for e-Commerce sites already. The next step will be more forms of Dynamic Content on the websites of SMEs.

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