Advertising Campaign and Its Significance

Advertising Campaign and Its Significance

Sometimes there are those moments that deserve extra attention. You want to appeal to a whole new group of people or you feel it is time to boost your sales. A campaign with a lot of bells and whistles can mean a lot for you! And that does not always have to cost a lot.

We have developed campaigns for various companies. Interestingly enough, we are also increasingly doing this for regionally oriented SMEs. Celebrating a party, such as an anniversary or the opening of a branch, is often a great opportunity to create more attention for your company. Increasingly, it is also about recruiting suitable personnel or bringing a product or specific service to the attention. All this can be achieved with Google Ads and Facebook Marketing

The ingredients

Usually, an online and offline campaign looks something like this. Depending on the goal, you create a landing page. That is where it has to happen, the so-called conversion. You want more registrations to your newsletter, more applications for vacancies or to sell a specific product. To get people there, organize attention for your story in various places with a strong call-to-action. You create visibility through bus shelters on the road, an online campaign on social media, and free publicity in local media. You can also publish your own magazine, as many brands do. And of course, you can go much further. Organize an event, seek collaboration with other companies or initiatives, or combine it with sponsorship from an association.

For the online advertisement, you can work with video, for your offline campaign with photography. And the same message returns everywhere. 

Five reasons to consider a campaign

1. Reach

You generate visibility in different places at the same time. That greatly expands your reach. Certainly, in our region, it is still relatively easy to stand out for a while. By combining different means, both online and offline, you reach a wide group of people. At the same time, people see you in different places and that has a strengthening effect. 

Oh yes, what we sometimes forget… people may have known your company for a long time, but they do not always experience your developments. Such a period of visibility gives you the opportunity to show everyone again what you do today.

2. Conversion

Ultimately, that reach must lead to conversion. That is, you want to get something done. More applications, more sales of a certain product, or a huge number of visitors for your open day. That is a result that you will benefit from for a long time. A campaign can ensure that you can build a relationship with a whole new group of people. 

3. Get Creative with Your Budget

Shelter, videos, landing pages, brochures, or magazines… Yes, that sounds pricey. Still, at WISMAD, we have examples of customers who did it so smartly that it didn't cost them much at the bottom of the line. And then the benefits of the campaign were yet to come. How? Think about how you can involve your suppliers or partners in your campaign, by paying attention to them in your magazine or on your open day, for example. We like to think along about this, we do have some ideas.

4. Photography and Video Remain Usable

During a campaign, you invest a little more in communication tools in a short period of time ... Even after your campaign, you can do for years with that new visual material that you have let go of, that communication message that you have thought about a little longer and that cool company video you had made. For now, you have everything neatly organized again!

5. Proud

We often hear this… such a period of extra visibility also affects your own people. "Man, we see you everywhere these days!" They are approached by others, can therefore tell the story of the company and show that they are proud!

For all types of online campaigns, whether it is Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, Instagram marketing, Youtube Marketing, or Whatsapp Marketing, You can Contact WISMAD. 


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