Difference between Static and Dynamic Websites

There are two main kinds of websites:

  1. Static websites
  2. Dynamic websites

The static websites are written in plain HTML. The matter displayed on the page to the user is the same written in the code of the page in these websites.

On the other hand, the dynamic websites are written with the help of a server-side scripting language like Coldfusion, ASP, PHP or JSP. The content is called in from other databases or files by the scripting language. The call depends on the user’s actions entirely on such websites.

As we very well know that web development is essential for the marketing and growth of the websites, we should have a proper plan to carry out this process. There are many website designing service providers who can help you design your static or dynamic websites.

In static web development, each page can be unique and different from the other. The designer is free to include or exclude special effects, layouts, themes etc. from every page. So, in this way, if an author wants to have a different theme for a new book which is on the same page of the previous book, he can get it done in low costs and fewer efforts.

In dynamic website designing, the connection from the databases helps to get a structured and organized way for the creation of product pages in a sorted and specified manner. The user can view these pages exactly the way they want to. This also means that you can create an interface for the clients to add inputs or manage the data through a web defined series of administration pages. This interface is the content management system which also enables the text to go along with the images. You can also design the products in specifications, categories, images, etc. and attach descriptions with them. The charges of this kind of designing are also nominal.

You should have a responsive website in order to get a better business approach in the online world. So, it is best if you get your websites designed professionally so that all the aspects of website development are covered.


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