Do you offer your product or service locally? And don't you have a Google My Business listing yet? Then you miss a lot of opportunities to get in touch with potential customers. It is one of the best tools for digital marketing services

Many people who are looking for a service locally use Google as their search engine. For example, are you out for a day, and do you want to have lunch somewhere? Chances are that you will look for a nice restaurant online. Google My Business is a tool from Google where you can make your company visible online to potential customers in your area. With the help of the tips below, you can use Google My Business well from today! We don't feel responsible if you go down because of the hustle and bustle with new customers… ????

What is Google My business?

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool that companies can use to improve their local visibility and findability. Business listings are shown in Google search results and Google Maps. Below you see the Google My Business listings when you search for 'online marketing agency India'. WISMAD is based in India and therefore always wants to come on top when potential customers are looking for an online marketing agency near you.

There are a number of factors that will put your business at the top and get the most number of clicks.

Verify Your Listing

You will of course start by creating an account via the Google My Business website. When you have registered your company, it will not yet be shown in the Google search results. First, you will need to verify your listing. When you are logged in, you can request a verification number. This will be sent by post to the specified address. You can change this address later. For example, do you want to receive the letter at a different address than the address that you want to show in the search results? Have the verification letter sent to a different address by specifying a different address.

You will receive your verification number by post within a few days. This letter from Google contains a five-digit number. Enter this in your Google My Business account and your listing is verified! Now that your listing is verified, you can add the rest of the information.

Use Search Terms in Your Company Name

To start with, it is important that the name of your listing is tailored to the products or services you offer. We have listed our company name, including 'Digital marketing'. We did this because we want to be found when potential visitors are locally looking for an online marketing agency ('WISMAD | Digital Marketing Agency' would also be fine, but is a bit longer ..). Think carefully about what people are looking for and what you offer. Try to find the most important keyword and put it in your listing.

Another example. We often see that self-employed person only mention their first and last names (if they already have a Google My Business listing). Are you an engineer and your name is John Whedon? Then create the following name, for example: 'John Whedon | Engineer'. In short, 'Name + Product / Service'.  Also state your product or service in the name of your Google My Business listing, so that you can be found on relevant keywords.

Display as Much Information as Possible 

In addition to the name of your business, you can enter a lot more information within your Google My Business listing. So make use of this too! For example, you can include your company details, such as your address (you have already done to verify your listing). You can also state your website, telephone number, and opening hours. Finally, you can indicate which products or services you offer and you have space to place a short description of your company. Also, use this space to list important keywords.

Use the Post Option

Relatively new is the option to post messages to your listing. These posts will appear at the bottom of your listing and will remain for 7 days, excluding events.

The first option is to post messages including image and link. For example, have you written a new blog article? Then share it on your Google My Business listing. Google loves when websites and listings are on the move. It is also a great way to generate extra visitors to your website. An added bonus is that new blog articles or pages on your website are indexed faster when you also share them on your Google My Business listing. Whether this is really true, we have not yet found out. ????

In addition to messages, you can create events on your listing. Do you have an event soon? Then place it in Google My Business, this post will remain until the event has ended.

Finally, you can share offers and products. Are you bringing a new product to the market? Then it is good to bring it to the attention via Google My Business.


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