How to Improve Web Page Speed?

How to Improve Web Page Speed?

web page is a text commonly written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) that can be accessed with the help of the Internet using an Internet browser. A web page is accessed by entering a URL address and may contain text, graphics, and hyperlinks to other web pages and files. A collection of web pages is known as a website. A website refers to a collection of more than one web page. For example, Facebook is considered a website, which includes thousands of different web pages.

Some of the elements of a web page are as follows:

  • Page Title - The title of a web page shows up in the browser tab. It is very important to explain what the page is about in a few words. In HTML, the Title tag looks like this.
  • The Content of the Page - The main content of a page may be text, video, graphics or images, or something else. Search engines are getting to the point they can understand images and video to the point they can text. 
  • The Meta Description - The Meta Description of your page is the text that appears right under your page title in search results. 
  • Body Content - The main content of your post is called body content. It should not only be optimized for search engines but should also be engaging for the readers

How to Improve Website Speed In PHP?

Upgrading your server hardware is a great way to improve your webpage speed, but sometimes upgrading hardware is not wise for a business. A well-optimized web page can significantly improve speeds. After altering HTML and CSS on the client-side of your site, focus on Apache, MySQL, and PHP changes. Optimizing MYSQL queries also helps in optimizing webpages in PHP. Website speed optimization is very important to engage clients. A lagging website does not put a good impression on people. A website should be light and quick loading.

How to Improve Website Speed in WordPress?

  • To increase the speed of a webpage in WordPress we need to do the following:
  • Choose a good host
  • Having a solid framework
  • Optimizing image
  • Optimizing homepage by removing heavy widgets, using efficient themes
  • Routine optimization and maintenance of database
  • Replacing PHP with static HTML where necessary 

How To Increase Mobile Website Speed?

  • Enable browsing compressions
  • Enable Image compression
  • Optimizing images
  • Avoiding or minimizing redirects
  • Putting JavaScript on bottom and CSS on top
  • Ensure minimum server response time.

Website Development Services

Website development is the art of creating websites, web apps, and web pages using various tools and languages available to increase awareness or to promote business or to make a presence on the internet. Various companies offer website development service and WISMAD is among one of them that provides:

Website Design Services: Website design with more than 5+ years of experience. Specializing in high performance and well-optimized website designing.

E-Commerce Development: Through innovative design, strategy, and bespoke e-commerce development, We at Wismad tend to deliver sophisticated custom or platform-based e-commerce solutions.

Website Maintenance Services: To keep your website regularly updated, free from errors and malware, security updates, regular backup and optimized for a fast viewing experience

By opting for these methods, you can easily improve the web speed.


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