Top 10 DOs and DONTs of SEO

Top 10 DOs and DONTs of SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing through which one can promote their websites. In simple term, SEO is “Making a website stand on top rankings in organic search engine results”. And the one who performs this practice is known as a search engine optimizer. An SEO expert needs to be careful while performing their task and follow a certain set of rules. There are some specific DOs and DON’Ts in SEO that define their work.

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Here are 10 SEO DOs and DON’Ts that will help an SEO to provide best quality services.

DOs of an SEO

  1. Write well researched and accurate content- In order to attain a high rank on Google, you need to put major information and keywords in titles.
  2. Make a mobile responsive webpage- You must have links and buttons in your content that are easily clickable on mobile phones. This feature will be of great benefit as Google favors mobile-friendly websites.
  3. Do proper keyword research- Whenever you start writing an article make sure you have done proper keyword research with google keyword Planner tool.
  4. Get backlinks from trusted sites- In order to improve your optimization, you need to get more and more backlinks from. Try your best to get links from reputable sites.
  5. ON Page SEO- You need to take the help of an SEO expert to do a fantastic on-page SEO Task. You should hire the best Digital Marketing Company.
  6. Post fresh content more often- Try to post new and original content instead of posting copied or repeated content.
  7. Become a guest blogger on trusted sites- Being a contributor to popular sites from your industry will help you reach a new audience and potentially earn new loyal readers. Write only for very reputable websites and make sure your content is at least as good as the one from your website. Your articles have to be outstanding.
  8. Improve the speed of your site- If the speed of your site is fast then it will be more convenient for users to interact with and thereby your website will rank high on the google.
  9. Be patient and work gracefully- You’ll never get results overnight. SEO is a process that can take months/years. It’s a constant process, and you've never done optimizing your website, therefore, tolerance level must be high.
  10. Learn from your competitors- This is one of the major keys to success. In order to attain high rank and be at the top one needs to learn from the other competitors.

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DON’Ts of an SEO

  1. Do not copy content from an external source as it is not good and Google doesn’t regard it.
  2. You should avoid keyword stuffing. As overusing a keyword can put off visitors/customers, potentially reducing conversions.
  3. Do not link to an external site without checking it’s spam score as it can harm your SEO because Google has recently Started penalizing unnatural outbound links.
  4. Avoid publishing low-quality content. While it is necessary to have a good amount of content in your website but filling your site low-quality content is never a good idea.
  5. Do not link to pirated, corrupted or penalized website as it can create problems for your own site.
  6. Avoid the ad folds in your site. If any visitor comes to your website for the first time, he/she shouldn’t see ads.
  7. Do not use any shortcut methods to attain a high rank. Do not trust those faux SEO experts that promise to rank your website first for your prime keyword.
  8. Do not get backlinks from spamming websites.
  9. Don’t ever buy cheap and less reputed SEO services.
  10. Avoid irrelevant links. Only use links from useful sites overuse of links can be a drawback.


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