Platform blogging has come and gone, but not WordPress. It has gone from a basic and ubiquitous blogging site to an ideal and pre-eminent open source web development platform since its inception in 2003. It is the most commonly used content management system which accounts for 20-25 percent of all new websites, according to Yoast. WordPress is one kind of blogging platform but it allows you to create a pre-built or free website and you can also focus on other important parts of websites like content, online marketing, SEO, etc.

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Using WordPress Website Development:

  1. WordPress is Cost-effective:  Due to WordPress, the days in which making a website would cost you an arm and a leg are gone. WordPress website development is extremely cost-effective. The installation and maintenance costs are also relatively cheap, as you can do it yourself instead of hiring a contractor whenever you need to upgrade your site content.
  2. You Have Control of Your Site: Your web designer won't wait any longer to make quick changes to your site. For WordPress, you have power over almost every part of your platform and you can quickly educate yourself on those simple things.
  3. WordPress is SEO Ready: WordPress is perfect for SEO. Websites developed using WP have easy and constant codes that make them perfect for indexing to Google. You can also configure the SEO elements for each page to allow you complete control over which sites you want to rank high in search engines (i.e. you can target your SEO efforts on strongly converting websites).
  4. Easy Transition from One Designer to the Next: Unless you are truly committed to your web designer or design firm, there are risks that there will be multiple designers or companies working on your platform. This is extremely difficult beforehand because each model or organization has its own chosen medium. Designing and developing WordPress operates on a universal, open-source platform which makes it easier for you to move from one designer to another.
  5. HTML Editing or FTP Software is N Required: WordPress is an autonomous system without the need for HTML editing software (such as Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver). Without the need for external HTML or FTP tools, you can create a new website or blog post, format text, upload photos (and edit them), upload documents, video files, image galleries, etc.

These are the following excellent benefits of WordPress that makes it far better than any other website development software. Make sure that while hiring a WordPress development company, you go for an experienced and credible option.


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