You Already Do Keyword Research, But You May Not Know it Yet

You Already Do Keyword Research, But You May Not Know it Yet

To create the right content that your target audience is looking for, you can do keyword research. This takes time and you need the right resources for this. By looking at platforms you already use, you can make an impact in the short term. Here you can find out the intention of the visitor, offer a better user experience, and increase your organic reach with improved digital marketing service.

Get more insight into your keywords through Google Ads 

If you're using a Google Ads campaign to reach your target audience, you've already done the first step of your keyword research. Your Google Ads campaigns and keywords generate data about CTR, engagement, impressions, and what delivers the most conversions. This gives you a good insight into which keywords you can use in your titles, headers, and texts. 

Take the time to inventory your keywords and take a critical look at which keywords convert best. Then use these converting words in your titles, headers, and texts. Make sure to take a zero measurement before starting this. This allows you to map out the result of your optimizations. 

Once your optimizations have paid off, you can work with your team or agency to see whether it is still necessary to advertise on the relevant keyword. After all, your organic positions have increased and are clearly visible on the first page of the search results in Google. If you have a limited budget, you can decide to shift your budget to another target group that you would like to reach.

For more insights, you can use the Paid & Organic report. In this report, you can see at a glance how often keywords have been shown for your ads and how often they have been shown organically. For this, you need to link Google Search Console to your Google Ads account. 

Find out the search intent of your visitors in Google Analytics

  • This platform will come as no surprise, but we still often see that little is done with these insights. 
  • Many websites use a search function. You can collect the results of all these search results in Google Analytics. You can easily enable this under the 'Admin' section in Google Analytics and by setting the appropriate search parameter here. Use the Site Searches report under Behavior to view these searches.
  • Frequent searches over a longer period of time can indicate a poor user experience or the visitor is looking for something that is not available on the website.
  • If visitors are often looking for '' contact '' or for a specific service that you offer, this is not sufficiently visible in the design or navigation of your website. If visitors cannot find this content properly, then this is completely a task for search engines.

If you have a webshop that often searches for a specific product, but this product is no longer available. Then give your visitor an alternative or ensure that this product is available again.

Insights from the Google Search Console

Google Search Console is widely used by Search Engine Optimization specialists. This tool provides precise insights into the performance of your website in Google. You will mainly find search terms and keywords that you are already found on. 

But does it offer new insights? Hell yes! If you have already set up a page around a certain topic, you will most likely see this in Google Search Console. Under 'Performance' you can see on which keywords or search terms this page is found most. In many cases, you will see that there are a number of search terms that you have not yet incorporated in your texts. Do these search terms match the intention of the page? Then it is wise to add this to increase the number of impressions and clicks on these pages even further. It is therefore mainly applicable to further enrich your current content.

It is also wise to link Google Search Console to Google Analytics. This way you can easily view your data from Google Search Console and compare it with the data in Google Analytics.

Get started with keyword research! 

Use the above platforms and take advantage of them. It is good to take a critical look at the collected data and whether you are already applying it. But to really reach the masses, an old-fashioned keyword search works the best;).


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