Social analytic explains the analyses, monitoring, measurement, and interpretation of digital relationships and interactions of people, ideas, articles, contents, and topics. Interactions take place in workplaces and all the external-facing and within communities. In social analytics, the sentiments are analyzed, natural language is processed and analysis of social networking (which includes profiling, influencer identification, and scoring). The process also includes predictive modeling and its recommendations, text analysis, and automated classification of the topics, people, subject, products or content after identification.

Social analytics is the method of gathering the social metrics, which are the standards of measurement and applying mathematics and statistics to find the patterns in the data. Pattern identification is the core of social analytics. All the social media professionals use these data patterns to make wiser judgments and better decisions for their social media plans and strategies.

The social analytics are as critical in the social marketing world as they as in rest of the digital marketing spaces and channels. However, most of the social marketers do not possess the required understand to conduct the analysis properly and effectively.

The social media stores vast information. In the past few years, it has been observed that most of the major enterprises conduct researches and surveys among the masses to understand the demands which are generally not taken into consideration on the social media platforms. These surveys help the companies to design their products and sells according to the preferences of the people. Now, social media analytics have made it feasible to quantify these details in a more sophisticated and authentic manner.

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