Web analytics is a modern technique used under the domain of Digital marketing. It is the measurement and analysis of the web data for understanding the web usage and its optimization. Web analytics lets us create a report according to which we can determine the traffic on the website. It is a tool to identify and improve the effectiveness of the website to boost your business online. Web analytics is one of the main digital marketing techniques mainly used by advertising campaigns. It provides us the information about the number of visitors exploring your website, the number of page view etc. Wismad Consuting is one of the leading companies in Lucknow that helps in gauging traffic and set a popularity trend beneficial for market research.

We offer the best solution for you if you want to increase the leads of your website. We properly map the business plans of the organization and maps the performance accordingly. Our experts follow the following simple steps in web analytics :

  • Collecting the data: In the first step, we collect the essential data that helps in counting things. In the first step, we collect the essential data that helps in counting things.
  • Processing the data into useful information: We take the count of the visitors and make them ratios or metrics. Wismad opts advanced optimization strategies that help to attain better sales ratio.
  • Developing KPI: This stage deals with using the ratio and infusing them with business strategies. This technique is known as Key Performance Indicators.
  • Formulating online strategy: This stage deals with online goals, objectives and strategies to boost the business online. It is usually related to making money, saving money, or increasing market share.
  • Experiment and Testing: The last and most important step is of testing. Wismad used advanced testing techniques to maximize the results.